How It Works

3 Easy Steps To Convert Your Manuscript To Kindle And Sell It On Amazon


Step 1 - Send Us Your Manuscript

Send us your manuscript in PDF, DOC or almost any other format. Go to the Order Page to send us your manuscript. Within 24 hours we will respond with the cost to convert your manuscript into an Amazon ready Kindle Book.

If you want to ask a question before you send us your manuscript we would love to hear from you - ask away on the Contact Page.

Step 2 - We Convert Your Manuscript Into An Amazon-ready Kindle Book

We do not use automated conversion software. Your book is converted by a skilled designer - attention is given to every page until it is perfect.

Exactly as your Kindle readers expect, your Kindle book will have a cover page, table of contents, and a functioning navigation bar.

Depending on the size of your manuscript, in as early as 48 hours we will send you your Amazon ready Kindle book file. Need a few minor changes? No problem, tell us and we will make up to 10 changes for free - our business depends on making sure you are happy.

Step 3 - Upload Your Kindle Book To Amazon And Sell

If you do not already have one, we will help you create a Amazon Kindle Direct Publisher account and provide instructions on how to submit your Kindle book to Amazon. Usually within 12 hours your book will be live in the Amazon market place.

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Advantages of Converting Your Manuscript With Us

  • You are an author not a Kindle book designer. Your time is better spent creating words and not figuring out how to convert and format mobi, opf, css, ncx, html files (required files for Kindle book). The biggest stumbling block and the reason most authors are not selling their books on Amazon is because of the complexity of converting their manuscript properly. Leave the conversion and formatting to us, you focus on what you do best (writing) and we will focus on what we do best (creating Kindle books).

  • Our team is made up of specialized and enthusiastic designers. We all love our Kindles and we know exactly what a great Kindle book should look like.

  • Your manuscript will be converted one page at a time. We do not use automated conversion software. We make sure that every title, paragraph, sentence and image is exactly where it should be. We make sure that when your readers click on a chapter item, it goes to that item. We make sure that paragraphs are properly spaced and that chapters start on a new page. We make sure that when your book is read for the first time it starts at chapter 1 (like proper Kindle books should). We make sure your book is a quality and professional Kindle book.

  • You spent a lot of time creating your manuscript. Don't let all that effort go to waste with a poorly formatted Kindle book. A Kindle owner can tell instantly when a book is done unprofessionally or with an automated converter. With our service you can be certain that your readers will have the same pleasant reading experience as with their other favorite Kindle books.
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