About eBook2eReader.com

It is easy to convert your manuscript to Kindle format. Simply convert your doc or pdf into a Kindle format and upload to your Kindle.

That works, but the problem is that it will look terrible. Every Kindle user immediately notices these poorly formatted Kindle books.

A properly formatted Kindle book takes the proper knowledge and experience. If you want a create a Kindle book for personal use then go ahead and convert it yourself, but if you plan to sell your Kindle on Amazon then you need a professional conversion.

Our team is now made up of specialized and enthusiastic designers. We all love our Kindles and we know exactly what a great Kindle book should look like.

Get your manuscript converted with us. Our business is to make great Kindle books and happy customers.

Send us your manuscript and within days you can be a self published author selling your book on Amazon - the biggest market in the world.

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