Want to Turn Your Manuscript into a Paper Book?

It used to cost thousands of dollars and a relationship with a publisher to create a paper book.

Not anymore. Thanks to modern technology and the explosion of self publishing it is really easy and inexpensive to create a paper book from your manuscript.

With print on demand services your book is printed only after somebody buys it. This eliminates the need for a publisher, a warehouse and thousands of dollars to print hundreds of books in advance.

CreateSpace is an Amazon owned company that offers print on demand services.  They will print your book only when you need it - if you need one book they will print one book, if you need 100 books they will print 100 books.

This means that along with your Kindle book version, you also have a paper book version for sale on Amazon.  When somebody buys your paper book version on Amazon, CreateSpace will print out the book and send it to the buyer.


How it works - From Your Manuscript to your Paper Book:

ebook2ereader can help create your paper book - here is how it works:

  • ebook2ereader formats your manuscript and emails you a CreateSpace accepted print ready PDF file of your book.
  • You create a CreateSpace account and upload the PDF file (you will not need to pay for any of their formatting/conversion services).
  • You place your paper book version for sale on Amazon along with your Kindle book version.
  • When somebody buys your paper book from Amazon, CreateSpace immediately prints out the book and sends it to the buyer. You receive a royalty payment.

It is that easy!

We Will Create Your Paperbook File:

To enable your manuscript to be printed into a paper book CreateSpace requires special formatting. Here are a few of the formatting changes ebook2ereader will do to your manuscript to make it ready for printing by CreateSpace:

  • Chapters always start on the right (never on the left) page.
  • Margins are set separately for inner (left) and outer (right) pages.
  • Page numbers are on top outer part of page.
  • Drop case first letter of new chapter.
  • Correct new paragraph indentation.
  • Images are 300dpi.
  • Table of contents.
  • Chapters start halfway down the page.
  • Frontmatter - title page, copyright, dedication, etc

The above are just our default. Of course your book can be desiegned any way you want. For example, you might want the page numbers at the bottom center of every page and chapters to start at the top of the page - everything is possible.


To have your manuscript formated for a paper book and be selling it on the biggest book market in the world simply contact us and let us know.

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