Satisfied Customers and Their Kindle Books

"Every aspect of working with Roman at ebook2ereader was a pleasure. The price was very reasonable, the work was completed according to schedule and the “satisfaction guaranteed” promise fully lived up to the claim. I’m the worst kind of perfectionist — a disorganized one! I had numerous changes that needs to be made, because I would notice things in the typography that could be improved. All my tweaks were met with patience and professionalism and the final product I received was perfection itself — in all formats, for all platforms — many of which had their own glitchy aspects that needed to be tweaked. I intend to use Roman for all my future ebook conversion needs. He’s a true pro."

Richard Long, best-selling author of The Book of Paul — a Paranormal Thriller.

"Your fast and complete service worked well for me. My ebook is now on Kindle and I am very pleased. Thanks so much. I am already working on my next ebook."

Joe Walton
Don't Tell Daddy

"If you're like me, you've already tried to convert your book to an ebook to make available to the various ebook readers (i.e. Kindle, Nook). You probably also were following the "easy" steps to make this happen. Well, you've come to the right place because ebook2ereader is not only convenient, it is cost efficient and competent. I am so pleased my ebook; it is up and selling on Amazon right now. Look know further, trust your book with ebook2ereader."

David Jeffers
Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland

"Thank you Roman for helping get my book converted and ready for the Amazon Kindle. For the fast speed and properly linked table of contents, it was well worth the price. Thank you again."

Jack Gaum
Simply, Manage Simply

"I am extremely pleased with the service ebook2reader provided. They did more than just ready my ebook for Amazon’s Kindle. They were meticulous and thorough in their quest to see my book was properly formatted and presented. All the links were checked, errors found and corrected and images arranged perfectly. I was also given easy instructions as to how to upload to Amazon. I most certainly will use them again when my second book is completed."

George DeLong
Awakening to Your Dreams

"ebook2ereader does an excellent job converting e-books to e-readers. There is only a few days to wait for ebook2ereader to convert your e-books so that your e-book can be downloaded onto Amazon. The price is so very affordable and because of this I am able to publish my e-books on Amazon with financial ease. I will be contacting ebook2ereader again for all of my ebooks.."

Jackie Ferrell
Moon Casltes

"A special thanks to Roman of ebook2ereader, thank you for converting my book to be sold on Amazon. I could have never have done it without you. Your company has been very helpful and amazing to work with, very kind and patient. All of my questions (and I had many), were answered very quickly, The price is extremly low and fair and for that I was so thankful. I am so happy that I found this website and I recommend it highly! Thanks again Roman you are awesome!!"

Dawn Dennis
Hey you clueless cooks, let's cook

"I now have my ebook on amazon within days of contacting you , just like to say thankyou to you and your team for providing a cheap fast and professional service , well impressed with the final outcome cost and time it took to complete and recommend your service 100% to anyone"

Mark Long
Driven By Mind

"I luckily found ebook2ereader and asked them if they could help me convert my book into the appropriate format so it could be listed on I'm a writer but one who is very low tech. My project manager, Roman, was very nice and told me that for a very fair and low price he would convert everything and help me list it on Amazon. I paid the fee, sent him the cover and all the text. Within 24 hours he surprised me by sending me back everything converted to the correct format. He didn't stop there. He sent me all the steps I would need to following in order to get my book listed on Amazon and even helped me verbally on the phone when I got confused with the directions. (The directions were easy, but again, I'm very low tech). He was extremely helpful and he exceeded the level of service of which I expected. I would definetly use him again for my other books and would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who could use his expertise."

Ian Howard

OK, I'd like to say working with Roman on my ebook conversion was FANTASTIC!!! Why? He was always courteous and charming, always replied so quickly it was unbelievable and did an excellent job. There is no way you will get a better job done anywhere else. And the price? Absolutely fair, honest and extremely good value. I feel sorry for anyone going elsewhere- what a rip off so many are! I can't believe I was one of the lucky people to find ebook2ereader. Check out my book on Amazon

Cristina D'Riviera
Pretty Little Voices

I am well into my 8th decade and had given up ever getting my book published. I was lamenting to a friend over lunch that I had received so many rejection letters I was about to give up. She told me about Amazon. I couldn't wait to get home and try it. It was wonderful. Within a week (thanks to ebook2ereader) my story was published and the first weekend people I knew from as far away as Massachusetts and Texas were calling to say they loved my story and wanted to know if I had written anything else!

Edith Zeitz
Good Girls Don't Whistle

Thank you so much for making this possible. Without you i would never have been able to get my book onto amazon so fast and stress free. To say i am pleased with how you helped me is an understatement. Your service was fast, professional and your quick step guide was second to none. I would recommend anyone who wants to get their ebook up and running to visit your website.

Kenneth Darko
How To Build Confidence, Swagger, Attract Women & Much More

After unsuccessfully trying to have my books published, it was recommended I submit my document to Kindle. I was pleasantly surprised when my second novel was accepted and published within weeks. An earlier novel, which had been submitted to another Ebook publisher, in November 2010, was still pending. I was able to re-submit this one to Kindle as well, and both are now available on ebooks. As I am not all that computer-literate, I am particularly grateful to Roman for his patience and assistance.

Henry Neville
In the Shadow of Pharaoh

"This is the first time I experience such emotion with this kind of editing. Knowing that my 'American' dream would be realized and finally fill the patience of my fans...WOW !
Thank you very much for this site that I highly recommend to anyone who has puting timidly finger on a old dream: Do it!
The kindness, speed response, patience and assistance are the key words for this site.

Kheirallah Tikelaline
A curious legacy for Dwight Yoakam...Shared with Dr Hugh Laurie

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