What You Get

You will get a file that will work on all Kindle products. Your readers will be able to:

  1. Read your book on a all Kindle devices (Classic Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire).
  2. Read your book on their computer using the Kindle For PC software.
  3. Read your book on all devices that have Kindle Apps like the iPhone, iPOD, iPad.

Best of all - you will be able to upload your Amazon-ready Kindle book to the Amazon and sell it on the biggest book marketplace in the world.

Your Kindle Book Will Have All These Features:

A Cover Page

Give us your current cover page and we will make sure it looks great on the Kindle. If you do not have a cover page we will help you create one. Here is a sample cover page as seen on a classic Kindle:

Kindle Cover

Active Table of Contents

table of contents

Guide Items And Locations Bar With Chapter Indicators

Kindle has the option to "Go To” the cover image, beginning and the Table of Contents of your book, anywhere from the content. There is a navigation bar that helps readers quickly see how many chapters there are, what chapter they are on and how far to the next chapter.

Kindle Navigation

Most unprofessionally formatted Kindle books do not have this feature. For Kindle readers a none working navigation is an instant indication of a poorly formatted Kindle book. And since the reader cannot navigate with ease they get frustrated when if they need to re-read a chapter or jump to the table of contents - its easier to delete the book than to find a chapter.

Of course, your Kindle book will have all the navigational functionality - your readers will be able to navigate the way they would expect with any professionally formatted Kindle book.

Professionally Formatted Text

These are small details, but they are important! It is what makes the difference between a professionally created Kindle book and an amateur conversion.

Your converted manuscript will have:

  • Top margin chapter headings
  • Large first letter of chapter
  • Indented secondary paragraphs

Kindle Proper Text Format

Front and Back Matter

Front matter is the beginning pages of a book, which may include a Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedication, Preface, and Prologue. You do not need all these these pages but for a stylish and professional presentation we will make sure you have at least a Title Page.

Back matter consists of the last pages in your book which provides additional information the reader should know about, such as Bibliographies, Appendices, Notes or Glossaries.

Correctly Sized, Placed and High Quality Images

Kindle Content With Image

What About Color?

All the above examples were from a classic Kindle so that is why they are black and white. But with the advent of color devices like the iPad and Kindle Fire your book can be viewed in color. Here is what the page looks like on a full color device like Kindle Fire:

Kindle Content Image Color

Cover Page For The Amazon Store

We will provide you with a simple step by step guide describing how to upload your Kindle Book and Cover Image (we will send you a correctly sized cover image).

Your Kindle Book will have all the benefits that Amazon Store users expect:

  • Ability to 'LOOK INSIDE!' your book
  • Ability to download a sample
  • They can your book
  • Review and add comments
  • Buy now with 1-Click®
  • A 'Book Description' section written by you

Amazon Store Kindle Book

Download A Sample Of a Amazon-Ready Kindle Book

The above examples are taken from a manuscript we converted to Kindle format. You can download a sample of the book Eat Goulash and Enjoy Beer in Prague(Right-Click to download). Copy the book into any Kindle device or get the Kindle For PC software and view it on your computer.

And here is the book selling on Amazon.

What You Get With Your Order

  • The formatting you expect with a quality ereader book: active table of contents, functional navigation, title page, copyright page, front matter, back matter, cover page, correct paragraph and list formatting, metadata and images.
  • A single mobi (Amazon file format) file that contains your entire book. Pictures (in color if provided) are also included in the file. This file is ready to be uploaded to Amazon. The file will work on all Kindle devices and computers, iPads, smartphones with the Amazon Reader application installed.
  • A cover.jpg file. This is a proper sized cover image that you will upload as your cover image on the Amazon website.
  • A quick step by step guide describing how to upload your Kindle book to Amazon. Publishing your Kindle book on Amazon is free.

Convert Your Manuscript To Kindle Book

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